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Zoe Babb

Salon Owner and Stylist


Hi! I'm Zoe Babb

I was born and raised in little old Englewood, FL. and watching it grow over the years has been amazing!

When I was a little girl I always had a huge love for for arts and animals so I realized whatever I did for a career had to match what I love. So with that being said a huge part of choosing this as my career is my Children. I have 4 kids, and the second I had my first child I knew I was going to make sure I could be there for all of their school events, birthday parties, sports ect. And as you can see my true love for art obviously won! This career gave me the opportunity to create my art daily and still make my own schedule to where I can be the hands on Mom!

 I jumped straight into hair school and absolutely love it, It came completely natural to me from mixing formulas to understanding hair and how to change it into the idea in my head, to the complete picture I envisioned! As of today I'v been doing hair in Englewood, FL for over 12 years! That's just crazy to even say! And to this day, 12 plus years later, I am in-love with waking up and seeing someone new or someone I'v had coming to my chair for over 12 years! I love building a relationship with my client and learning about them. The fact that when they sit down they trust exactly what I'm going to do to their hair and that they will leave more then just happy but more confident as well!

Keeping current on all styles and trends as well as Education, is very important to me, so much that this year 2022 I have started an Assistant Program that will allow new hair dressers or even experienced hair dressers to get behind the chair not only to learn but to grow confidence also skills on the new current hair trends and then become a full time Hairdresser at All About You Salon & Spa giving all our clients more appointment availability!

I am excited to keep up on my education as well and to continue to bring you more and more beauty services!

You can find me on Instagram @zoecatherinehair and see all of my work!

Ashley Dahl

Hair Stylist


Hello my name is Ashley Dahl,
I'm originally from Virginia but have lived in Florida for close to 12 years now. I specialize in highlights and giving your hair that natural sun kissed look. My passion for hair started in my teenage years in a house full of girls I was the one everyone came to for their hair, nails,eyebrows or even just wanting to know what outfit looked best on them. I have 4 sisters and with each came different curl patterns, textures,lengths and of coarse their own styles preference. I learned quickly that this was something that came very naturally to me and I was very good at it. Also to me there was nothing more rewarding then contributing to making a person feel beautiful and confident. Today I still find that to be the case and I absolutely love that I was able to make a career out of something I'm so passionate about. I'm always learning new techniques and do my best to keep up with all the current hairstyles! I'm currently taking new clients and if your looking for someone you can trust with your hair but also someone you can talk to as a friend I'm your girl!





Hello beautiful! My name is Isabella
I am a Florida grown girl that has a love for adventure and beauty! And that’s why I’m here to help other people feel beautiful in their own skin.  I am a licensed Esthetician that fell in love with skin care at just 16 years old.
I recently just took a hands on course with DMK and have been absolutely loving the visible changes in the skin. This line has given me the ability to really change skin in as little as one treatment!
Continuing education with classes such as this keep me on the top for all trends, and able to provide the latest and best service and techniques.
Growing up I was always doing my makeup, trying out new hair styles and different skin care trends. Little did I know this passion would lead me back to my home town to help other people find their beauty. I’m trained in makeup, lashes, waxing and different skin care modalities like galvanic and high frequency. I love educating people on their skin and helping them achieve their true skin care goals!


Collin Martin 


Master Hair Cutter & Educator


An insatiable new figure in the world of platform artistry, Collin Martin has been creating multi-functional cuts with a keen eye while employing unconventional 3D sculpting for the past twelve years. His peculiar approach to hair has, in the words of a colleague, “brought the avant-garde to the people.”

Crediting his strong artistic background and over a decade of working with his hands, Collin has built, and demonstrates, a new philosophy concerning the inner workings of the haircut. From small classrooms to auditoriums, stylists, industry personnel, and enthusiasts have heard Collin’s voice trembling with visceral excitement as he openly dissects his approach to the structure of hair styles—his “construction process”—and the tools he uses to create finery for his exclusive clientele.

Collin graduated from Masters of Cosmetology, a Pivot Point Member School, in 2007. Upon obtaining his Master Educator’s License, he began doggedly chasing a new yet functional approach to hair manageability, from shampooing to finalized style. Depending on products such as Davines, Seven Hair Care, and Hattori Hanzo shears, Collin continues to reinvent himself and his art across the continental United States.

IG: @collinmartin_hair

Massage Therapist

Karen Kauffman


Hello, I am Karen Marie Kauffman, L.P.N., L.M.T. (Licensed Practical Nurse FL lic # PN33765-1) & (Licensed Massage Therapist FL Lic.# MA51659). Practicing Massage Therapy at All About You Salon & Spa in Englewood, Florida. I offer relaxing full body services as well as therapeutic body work in increments from half hour to full 2 hour hands on in a comfortable, ambient environment with soothing sounds and aroma, hot towels and an available Garden Shower! I practice, and offer Therapeutic, Swedish, Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu, Hot Stone, Bamboo Massage & Reflexology ( Hand & Foot). I like to combine these in each service I provide, in an attempt to customize every session to exactly what YOU need! If you have not been on my table before, May I suggest you book a long, relaxing session, and I will use that time as a diagnostic session to familiarize myself with your specific issues or problems, and address each .

 I like to refer to my work space as a 'Cocoon'...designed to be comfortable and soothing, and tempered to your preferences. We will discuss Your specifics at the onset, than allow you to drift, with the intention of leaving relaxed & renewed & revitalized!

          Originally a New Yorker, though now a Floridian by choice. I worked in Hospital care for many years, than returned to school to qualify for Massage Licensure in 2005. Ongoing Massage and Nursing Continuing Education and active participation in the American Massage Therapy Association to keep up to date with current trends, but an interest in ancient medicine and Holistic Eastern and Western healing is truly my passion! 

Phone: 941-380-2604

Sophia Lembo

Lash Artist
image0 2.jpeg

Hello friends! My name is Sophia

I moved to Florida three years ago, originally from Upstate New York, born and raised! (and yes, I miss the NY pizza!) I’ve had a serious passion for aesthetics ever since I was younger and now am proud to say i’m a licensed esthetician, whose primary passion is lash extensions. It brings me so much joy to see my clients excitement after a fresh set of lashes. Making them feel amazing while also educating and answering any questions they may have on how to maintain a healthy lash life. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my clients, friends and family. They are the reason I’m so devoted to my work! My goal is to always make sure each and every client leave happy & beautified! Don’t forget the lash naps are always free, and so is the therapy! 

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